Sunday, July 21, 2024

Upper Valley MEND reaches affordable housing fundraising goal, unlocks $250,000 match


LEAVENWORTH—Upper Valley MEND, a nonprofit organization based in Leavenworth, has successfully completed its Solid Foundations Campaign. It exceeded its initial fundraising goal and secured a $250,000 matching gift from the Sleeping Lady Foundation.

The campaign, launched in 2023 with an original target of $6.8 million, ultimately raised over $7.3 million with support from more than 350 households, foundations, and businesses. This exceeds the initial goal by $500,000, funds which will be directed toward the future development of new affordable housing.

The campaign's primary objective was to purchase 31 rental units to be maintained as affordable workforce housing. The additional funds raised will allow for maintenance, modernization, and potential expansion of affordable housing options in the area.

"Our original goal felt like a big ask for our small community, but they surpassed it," said Kaylin Bettinger, Executive Director at Upper Valley MEND. "I am so proud that our community acknowledged the lack of affordable, safe housing options for people who make local wages, and then worked together to do something about it.”

Upper Valley MEND, which stands for Meeting Each Need with Dignity, focuses on providing equitable access to food, housing, wellness, and economic security in the Upper Valley region.

The organization continues to accept contributions to the Solid Foundations Campaign, with future donations earmarked for maintaining and upgrading existing rentals and supporting additional affordable housing development.

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