Saturday, July 20, 2024

Senate confirms JC Baldwin to Washington State Transportation Commission


OLYMPIA – JC Baldwin, a Chelan County resident, was unanimously confirmed by the Washington State Senate to serve on the Washington State Transportation Commission on Feb. 12.

The commission, a seven-member body appointed by the Governor, serves as a public forum for transportation policy development, assessing the performance of the state's entire transportation system and issuing the 20-year Washington Transportation Plan. Baldwin's appointment is in line with the commission's mission to provide oversight and policy direction statewide.

Baldwin brings a wealth of experience to the commission, having previously served on the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council and the State Public Works Board. She is also a current commissioner of the Chelan-Douglas Regional Port Authority.

Senator Hawkins, who played a pivotal role in Baldwin's confirmation process, both in committee and on the Senate floor, expressed his satisfaction with the Senate's swift action. "I’m grateful the Senate was able to move Commissioner Baldwin through the process so promptly," Hawkins stated. "She has a lot to offer with experience on the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council, State Public Works Board, and Regional Port. She will do a great job on the Transportation Commission. I’m glad the Senate completed its confirmation process this session, so that she’s not hanging out there for multiple years like many other gubernatorial appointees awaiting confirmation."


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