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Community Action Council unveils new food distribution center and pantry in Wenatchee


The Chelan Douglas Community Action Council (CDCAC) celebrated the soon-to-be open Food Distribution Center on Mar. 28. Rep. Mike Steele and Congresswoman Kim Schrier cut the ceremonial ribbon.

“We're really excited because [as] Community Actions, we are the frontline staff who meet individuals who need the services that we provide. [There’s] all kinds of different things that we do. And so we're really excited about the opportunity to serve on the level we're going to be able to serve here with the resources that we have,” said Lonnie Walls, CDCAC Food Distribution Center Program Director.

The CDCAC distributes food to approximately 20 sites throughout Chelan and Douglas counties, making it an integral source of food security throughout the valley. The new distribution center and pantry in Wenatchee has been four years in the making, made possible by funding from regional, state and federal levels.

“I just want to point out like when government works you get this and it's so incredible” said Schrier. We members of Congress get to dig in on our communities and find projects that are so special, and so worthy, and so necessary, and have so much public support, that they just rise to the top. And this one, I mean, it just couldn't be more worthy of this kind of funding that brings your tax dollars right back home for the good of the community,” said Rep. Schrier.

Schrier helped secure $3 million in federal appropriations, and Rep. Steele secured $1 million in state appropriations. The project also received funding from the county and the Cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, according to CDCAC Executive Director Alan Walker.

To use the pantry, people will have to register one-time, and will receive a set amount of points for the month based on their household size. The pantry is set up in grocery store-style fashion, where shoppers will be able to choose their items, then check out when they're done. The pantry will have items such as dry and canned foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and frozen meats. The amount of points an item costs will relate to its nutritional value. Points will be determined between one and three for healthy, moderate and unhealthy foods, according to Community Market Coordinator Nora Hollingsworth.

The pantry did not officially open on the day of the ribbon-cutting due to some last minute preparations, but plans to open in the next few weeks. The center is located at 1700 North Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee. More information about Chelan Douglas Community Action Council can be found at

Taylor Caldwell: 509-433-7276 or


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